Our Partners

In 2015, PARS came together with strategic partner Turuki Health Care to found Te Ira with a strong call to action - not one more generation of disadvantaged rangatahi will enter the pipeline to prison. Te Ira was selected for the Foundation North Catalyst for Change funding stream including an investment planning process with the Centre for Social Impact. Te ira was awarded a multi -year grant over five years to develop an innovative model to disrupt the general pipeline of disadvantage. The aim of initiatives that come under Te Ira is to improve the intergenerational wellbeing of three priority client groups. Children (0-5 years) children with unmet needs, in particular those associated with whanau mauhere (i.e they may have a parent, caregiver or whanau member who is in prison or is an ex-prisoner) Y-NEET (12-24 years) - youth who are not in education, employment or training and youth who are a mauhere (prisoner/ex-prisoner) Vulnerable whanau -connected to these children and youth, in particular, whanau members who are mauhere. In 2018, Te Ira has a team of Kai Raranga based at both PARS in Mt Eden and Turuki Health Care in South Auckland delivering a constantly evolving model of support to pathway whanau into their future.