Our People

PARS have over a century of heritage and experience as 'prisoners aid' but today a constantly evolving, contemporary model of support is delivered by a skilled multi-displinary team including service leaders, qualified social workers and medical professionals. PARS is a dynamic learning environment and our current team includes graduates in criminology , social work, education of whom some of them have completed their practicum with PARS which has led to employment.

PARS understands the success of individuals to become free from offending is significantly impacted by the people with whom they connect with and the supportive relationships that are built. 

The strength of our success over a number of years is acknowledging and respecting the full humanity of the client irrespective of the nature of their offending whilst recognising the engagement at the onset with the client is central to a successful outcome. 

Years of first hand experiences have enabled  staff to understand the real challenges facing prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families/whanau in healthy decision making and is seen as fundamental in supporting the client navigate their way through the barriers they face to obtain practical assistance for essential needs. 

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