Specialist kaupapa Maori services including cultural assessment and plan

Clients are offered kauapapa Maori services that empower Maori and others to claim and develop their cultural heritage and language. This helps client broaden and enhance their knowledge base to be able to face with confidence and dignity the challenges of the future.

Specialist services can include:

  • Karakia (prayer) whakatau I te wairua o te tangata - to spiritually bring calmness to the client
  • Whakaw─ütea (environmental blessing) - conducting appropriate karakia (according to tikanga)
  • Whakawhanaungatanga - connecting through and to whakapapa to strengthen genealogical ties and identity
  • Hohou I te rongo - facilitating whanau reconciliationfor past grievances or offending
  • Kawe tangi - conveying the client to the tangi (funeral) of their deceased whanau (family) member
  • Whakamomori - conducting appropriate karakia according to tikanga following a client suicide
  • Ko te pure - applying a korowai/cloak of spiritual protection to the client